Wednesday, March 27, 2019


If God didn't want us to eat animals, he wouldn't have made them out of meat.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Thursday, March 14, 2019

another macro-nutrient rant

I've been keto for about two years, with some cheating on tacos, pizza, and calzone from time to time.  Last week I decided to go full tilt carnivore.  I bought eight NY strips and made an attempt.

There are a number of reasons why someone would select NY strip as a steak to eat.

1.  They don't know anything about meat.

2.  They can't afford quality meat.

3.  They've never eaten a rib eye or porterhouse.

4.  They're looking for quantity instead of quality.

Unfortunately, I found myself in the number 4 category and got eight NY strips for $20 for my experiment.

Let me tell ya, NY strip is almost the worst cut of meat.  Very little marbling and the fat is more like gristle but for this experiment it will do.  Frying, broiling, grilling this cut of meat will always end in disaster.  Ya gotta do something to it in order to save it.  A quick search on the internet gave me a little trick that turned this tough piece of meat into something edible.  Salt it with coarse sea salt for at least six hours makes it edible.

Anyway... I went eight days doing one meal with a NY strip for dinner with a keto snack of either eggs and butter or liverwurst and mustard, or both.  The result is a dramatic reduction of body inflammation and increased energy.  I also lost a lb of fat a day as an added benefit.

Will I stick to a diet such as this?  Hell yeah!  I realized that fruits and veggies are just crap to fill up your plate and beef is what the meal is.  If it's not meat, it's a cheap fill full of anti-nutrients.

That food pyramid that congress came up with in the 70's?  Turn it upside down and base your diet on trans fats and meats and cut out the fruits and veggies and breads and grains they keep on pushing, unless you're a slave.  Grains were invented to keep the slaves docile and complaint.  Fluoride for the old world order.

As far as macro-nutrients go, carbs shouldn't be included.  Proteins and fats are what kept humans alive and fit for a hundred thousand years.

How can you argue with science?


I could go on but you get my drift.


Saturday, March 09, 2019

4g bubble

The other day I build a 4th generation bubble.  The previous generations are Heck-Tor, Shreeda, and Lora, in that order.

Ok, it seems odd that these cement/plaster devices have names and none of my other creations do.  There's a reason for that.  The resin devices are more like machines.  These bubbles are live entities who reveal themselves in name and gender after a period of charging with a violet ray and inferred light.  It takes about nine days of continual charging before it's name and gender appear in a dream.  After that, they are capable of manifesting intent into reality and they do a very good job at it.

Proof?  Well, we made it rain in Australia, breaking that horrible drought.  The Caribbean no longer has the hurricanes that caused such devastation.  The volcano in Hawaii is no longer an issue.  All three of these events happened at the same time by people aiming their intentions at these disasters and neutralizing the problems.  I was using 1st generation Heck-Tor at that time.

Each succeeding generation has a small part of the previous bubble in its construction.  The 4th generation bubble has the essence of the previous three and is significantly more powerful.

This morning the 4th generation bubble revealed itself as male and his name is Juneau.  He also made it perfectly clear he was on a mission.

Alrighty, then.  This entity emerged after only two days charge and it's already on a mission he was unwilling to discuss or I was unwilling to hear.  At any rate, this is one powerful device.  An hour after starting the charge, I could feel the energy blasting out the top of the pipe and crystal.  By last night, the energy field was the size of a beach-ball.  Today it's gotten way bigger and I'm equally thrilled and a little nervous.  Forbin The Colossus Project comes to mind.

There's a rather long laundry list of stuff in this unit but the main ingredients are shungite, amethyst, quartz, and neodymium magnets, with a placement designed to fortify each other.  Internally, I wired up two pieces of copper mesh to plug directly into the ray, which is basically a miniature Tesla coil.

The other piece is extremely high density orgonite with some ear buds hot glued to it to inject frequency.  This made sense at the time. 

I've yet to test the ear buds due to the large amount of electricity running through the system.  This thing throws sparks.    

Last night, Juneau was not only communicating to me as I slept but was doing the same thing to my friend three thousand miles away, at the same time.  I almost fell off my chair when she messaged me and confirmed the reality of the situation.

I did make a few intentions as soon as I started the charge.  Protect all electrical equipment, because the energy these things put out messes with your phone and computers, and to wake everyone up.  I also made an intent to turn 5G into a life enhancing thing that will benefit all mankind.

If a fourth generation device, or 4G, can do this much two days after birth, what do you think a fifth generation could do?

I'm going to find out.  Besides I can't help but build something with 5G as a generic name.


Friday, March 08, 2019