Sunday, May 31, 2015

PVC CB solar boost

Ever since I first built this PVC CB I've been meaning to improve the 9v powered frequency generator that makes this thing run.  Ok, so the two 9 volt internal batteries can keep this thing running for about two weeks.  What happens after that?  Well, you can let it sit there and do nothing or install some fresh batteries and it will continue to run for another couple weeks until those batteries are depleted.  That system seems a little too dependent on a never ending supply of fresh batteries, produced by people I don't even know.  It just bothers me that the only thing keeping this unit running is the faith that 9 volt batteries will be cheap, plentiful, and easily had for all eternity.  I don't have enough faith to believe the economic crash won't happen, let alone the idea that 9 volt batteries will even have a purpose after 2016.  Sounds like a good reason for improvement.

I picked up a couple of solar cells I found at Radio Shack and did a few experiments.  Each cell is rated for 4.5 volts and wiring them in series brought them up to 9 volts.  In bright sunlight, these things worked almost as well as batteries.  The best part is they will work as long as Ol' Sol shines.

Wiring them up was easy.  Just twist some wires, solder the twists, and finishing up with shrink tube.  Hooking them up to the frequency generator required a 9v connector soldered to the + and - leads.  Since the 9v connectors snap in place with their male/female counterparts, the polarity switches.  As long as you keep polarity in mind, it's damn near idiot proof.  As an afterthought I coated the wire leads on the cells with hot glue to protect them from the elements and to prevent shorting out the system.  As long as I had the glue gun out, I dabbed a little on the cells to hold them to the dish.

I had considered installing rechargeable batteries to keep the CB running 24/7/365 but perished that thought.  These devices work best when run intermittently and on in the daylight hours and off at night sounds like a good schedule.  Besides, does anyone really care what the weather is at night?

After everything was hooked up and plugged in, I hit the switch.  It took about 30 seconds before I could feel the tingle coming off the field generator and another 30 seconds to feel the energy emanating from the big pipe.  Much stronger energy than from the previous setup using batteries and it left me to wonder why.  Electricity is electricity no matter where it comes from, right?  Does water from different sources taste the same?  Are all aspirins alike?

Is it possible a power source directly from the sun is more cosmically pristine and can allow more efficiency for a device designed to boost Earth's immune system, rather than corporate produced batteries, even though their parameters are the same?  Not to mention I like the idea that Mother Earth is an active participant by dictating how much of a boost she gets by how much sunshine she puts out.

About twenty minutes after I turned on the CB the sky went from hazy sun to rain with bright sunshine through the raindrops followed by the rain steaming off to form new clouds in a succession of sunshine and rain for the rest of the afternoon.  Just like the spring weather patterns I remember as a kid.

I wonder if Mother Nature was aware she was self medicating.

I think I'll keep this setup going and pay close attention to any trends that may come about and work on a solar amplifier to boost the frequency even more.  I have a feeling I'll be collecting lots of solar cells this season.       

Sunday, May 10, 2015