Thursday, April 20, 2006

spring... aint it cool?

It's been awhile since I posted anything on here and the last few entries were lame at best. I apologize for my insincerity and lack of thought. What was I thinking to put such twatle on this thing? Anyway, it's a beautiful spring day and I just got back from checking out the garden. As I do every year, I tilled the asparagas patch but I'm not seeing anything crop up yet. I'm afraid I may have dug too deep and messed up the root structure. I'll know for sure in a few days. Right now the grass is something like 6" tall and very thick and lush. I find it interesting that the things you cultivate, care for, prune and feed are dwarfted by the plants that you ignore, like grass and weeds. What does that tell you about life? Should I feed the weeds and ignore the radishes? Well, we all know THAT'S a bad idea. Maybe I'll have a garden party and request everyone bring a shovel. Hopefully, someone will bring da ho.
I'll keep ya posted.
I also discovered coffee grounds are neutral pH, hovering around 6.8. That means the garbage taken to the gas station every time I fill up has been reduced to almost zero. The bottles and cans were always a problem. Not for me but for everyone who comes here. Ya see, I fired my garbage man a couple years ago and managed to handle my garbage in a thoughtful way. It's so simple... burnables get burned, aluminum cans get crushed and isolated, cans go to the gas station in small, easy to handle bags, food scraps feed the woodland creatures, and bottles go to the woods. I'm satisfied that in the not so distant future some prospector will stumble on my bottle dump and become wealthy overnight. Todays garbage is tomorrows treasure and I'm proud to be part of that economic chain. If I could only teach my guests to understand BEER CANS ONLY, written in large, friendly letters across the top of my trash can, means beer cans, not cigarette butts and chicken bones.
The last time Mary was here she divided some seeds in two different groups. One group was placed in the orgone accumulator, the other is the control group. We'll plant both groups in seperate rows in the garden. The idea is to see what effect orgone energy has on seeds before planting. I should have an identical group that we can totally ignore to study the effects isolation on biological systems, but I think that study has been done to death.

Here's something I thought might interest someone out there. I hate to admit it but I can't help feeling this guy could've gotten away with it if he didn't wander from his specialty.