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Saturday, March 10, 2012

gettin outta dodge

2012 is here and it seems the whole world is gearing up for... something.  Hell, I've been gearing up for quite a while by stocking up on food, fuel, silver, guns, ammo, drugs, alcohol and anything else that could be used as survival necessities when the engine of the world finally stops and we begin killing each other for things we now throw away.

So, I decided it's time to go underground and relocate to an undisclosed location.  The problem is all the stuff I've accumulated through the years that I have to unload.  Stuff like my collection of beta tapes, PDRs, first edition books, lava lamps, power tools, and a hundred other categories of detritus I've picked up over time that  I no longer have use for.  It's all just stuff and no longer has any value to me.

Rather than try to sell anything, I decided to give it all away.  (it's a karma thing) Needless to say, between three floors of a house and a two floor garage I have a shit load of stuff from bamboo bongs and bota bags to acetylene torches and VW parts and everything in between. 
I'm even unloading my first and only orgone accumulator. In case you're unaware of what an orgone accumulator is, it's a medical device designed by Wilhelm Reich for the purpose of curing a plethora of diseases by bombarding the whole body in life-force energy generated by it's construction of organic and non-organic laminations.

At any rate... if you want it, come and get it.

BTW, how often do you see FREE on a price tag?