Thursday, May 31, 2012


"Every fact of science was once damned. Every
invention was considered impossible. Every discovery was a nervous shock
to some orthodoxy. Every artistic innovation was denounced as fraud and
folly. The entire web of culture and progress, everything on earth that
is man-made and not given to us by nature, is the concrete
manifestation of someone's refusal to bow to Authority. We would be no
more than the first apelike hominids if it were not for the rebellious,
the recalcitrant, and the intransigent."
Robert Anton Wilson

Friday, May 18, 2012

the real thing

If you've ever been in any kind of super market, convenience store, or food mart you'll noticed a plethora of fluids filling half the shelves with promises of quenching thirst, promoting good health, or improving your life as you know it.

If you're a label reader, like I am, you'll see most of these fluids are water, high fructose corn syrup, flavorings and colors made in a laboratory.  If you hang around me long enough you'll realize one of my major peeves is the mass consumption of high fructose corn syrup or HFCS in our food supply.

HFCS is everywhere and in everything from candy to condiments and it's not only replaced sugar but is now added to things that traditionally never had sugar, like spaghetti sauce, potato chips, cheese burgers, soup mixes, fried chicken, and beef.  If you or anyone you know were to analyze something like a hair sample, you would be shocked to know we're mostly made of corn.

Cows eat and process grass for most of their lives and do a damn good job of it.  That's what they do.  Range cattle are lean and healthy but big, fat cattle weigh more and bring in more profits so for six months these healthy bovines are immobilized in pens and force fed corn to fatten them up.  Corn is toxic to the bovine digestive system so massive doses of antibiotics and bovine growth hormones are pumped into them to keep them alive just long enough for slaughter.  No cow can live longer than six months on a corn diet but it's that terminal beef that fills the meat cases at your local super market.

Then there's the diet soft drinks and healthy fluids that boast lower calories and no sugar, as if sugar is the cause of all our health problems, like the establishment science has conditioned us to believe.  So, the sugar substitute becomes aspartame, sucralose, and a handful of other laboratory, chemical concoctions designed to satisfy our appetites for sweet while lowering IQ's and raising mortality rates.

What's so bad about sugar?  Compared to HFCS and artificial sweeteners, sugar is a health food.  Consuming sugar and natural sweeteners will raise your metabolism to burn off most of those calories before your body processes it to fat while artificial sweeteners trigger the same reaction without boosting metabolism.  The result is artificial sweeteners make you fat, just like corn does to cattle.  

Every day you hear about someone diagnosed with diabetes, cancer, or liver failure and we're so used to this disease acceleration we actually think terminal disease in the middle of an average human lifespan is normal.  Like, that's the way things are supposed to be.   That's not the way it's supposed to be and decades of research points to HFCS as a leading cause of most of these health problems. 

It was twenty five years ago when Coca Cola introduced New Coke, much to the horror of every die hard Coke loyalist.  New Coke tasted like Pepsi and if Coke drinkers wanted Coke to taste like Pepsi they'd drink Pepsi.  I saw the Coke CEO at a press conference saying how he liked the new formula better than the old one, and it was at that moment I realized Coca Cola's CEO was nothing more than a corporate whore and a disgrace to all things holy.  I mean, here's the CEO of a world famous trademark and product recognized as THE symbol encapsulating what America is and the high water mark of the soft drink industry and this jackass so much as says he prefers Pepsi over Coke.  Coke was the Harley Davidson of the fluid industry.  If Pepsi had the choice they'd be Coke.  Sure as shit, if Pepsi had the Coke recipe they'd make New Pepsi and take over the market.
This Coke CEO should have been dragged off the stage and beaten bloody for having such bad taste and lack of respect for this world famous formula he was hired to serve and protect.  For that matter, the people who hired him should have been shot.

The Coke Classic that soon followed was less than a shadow of it's former self and Coke disappeared from the shelves of consumer refrigerators.  Coke is now just another crappy soft drink loaded with HFCS.  If it don't have sugar, phosphoric acid, and caffeine it aint Coke.

I often wonder what would possess a corporation like Coke to abandon the most successful, coveted, and secreted formula in the world for a slim chance of more profit and a huge chance for mega losses.  The cost of sugar compared to HFCS was one excuse but now that HFCS costs more than sugar you'd think Coke would go back to the original formula that put them on top.  Is it the corn lobby?  They're big but so was Coke.  If I owned the rights to the Bible I don't think I'd sell it to Random House, but then I'm not a corporate whore.  It seems as though there are powers behind the scene that's hell bent to make sure we all consume high doses of HFCS or some other chemical crap for reasons greater than corporate profits.

Anyway... I was checking out the fluid isles and came across something that resembled a Coke bottle and after scanning the content label I checked out a couple bottles.
I slammed half a bottle and much to my delight and surprise, this stuff was the real thing.  This was the Coke I remember from childhood and the taste jarred loose old memories of happier times and how things really do go better with Coke.  It's been so long... Twenty five years, to be exact.  It's that bite in the back of your throat when you slam a cold one followed by that wonderful, full, happy feeling in your tummy just before that Coke belch.  I drank the rest and picked up more to make a Coke stash and to give away to those who could appreciate a taste of history.

It's sad that a whole generation of Americans grew up without tasting a real Coke.  This icon of icons that the whole world knew as the best in it's class, hasn't been made in this country since 1983.  So.... I found a twenty five year old stash of vintage Coke?  No, Mexico makes it because they love it down there, as if the folks up here don't...  They want to pass on to their children the drink they loved in the pre-new coke days, as a bond with family and to connect to a happier time and a sweeter past.

Is that the reason Coke destroyed their formula?  As a deliberately planned step to condition the American populous to accept annihilation of heroes and embrace banality as a standard?  Reducing the biggest icon in a society to the level of every other icon is like replacing the lead singer with a chorus.  Innovation is stifled, freedom is diminished, liberties lost, and banal sameness and lock-step ordinary are the guiding principles of this pre-planned society taking shape before our eyes.

Yeah, I know lots of folks could care less for Coke and preferred Pepsi long before the formula change.  That's not my point and I can go on and on with this stuff for way longer than I initially intended.  Each sentence I write generates a dozen tangents and it's taking me off track.

My point is, if an unknown power has the ability, the finances, the control, and the will to cut down the biggest, most recognized, and most loved soft drink in history, it's been done with purpose and timing as a single step in a much larger plan that's been in the works for a very long time.  If they can do that, what else are they working on?  What's the goal?  Anybody?

This Coke I found, that was made in Mexico, got me on this roll and it pisses me off that the only real Coca Cola on the planet is made in a country by people who still have the freedom of choice to retain the original, true recipe while a generation of Americans are still denied as much as a taste of their own collective consciousness and see no difference between Coke and Pepsi because now they both taste like crap. 

I'm sure a lot of you reading this will think I'm ranting about being a health nut and liking coke.  It's ok.  Keep sleeping.  My point is when we encourage under achievement and suppress individual excellence we lose our identity, our self, our personal passions and become a single voice in a choir singing the same song in mindless repetition while we let duty replace our goals.  

I'll bet dollars to donuts they use real coca leaves in the process, too.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


"Life is real! Life is earnest!
And the grave is not its goal;
Dust thou art, to dust returnest,
Was not spoken of the soul."
-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

misquoting scarlett...


Wednesday, May 09, 2012

mexican hat 2

After the unexpected results from the Mexican hat experiment, I was compelled to make a bigger one to see if bigger is better.  It seems I miscalculated the bottom mass and the result was a bowl shaped chunk of black orgonite with a proportionately smaller cone protruding from the center.  Although it was very good orgonite, it didn't come close to the extreme power of the previous, much smaller hat.  I now realize it was the shape that directed such concentrated energy and I'm just now starting to get a handle on it.

Aside from size and the somewhat flatter top on the larger one, the two objects on the left are identical.
Both have a cone of powdered iron oxide and aluminum with powdered crystal in the form of play sand.  The bases are equal amounts of sand and resin with powdered aluminum and trace amounts of iron oxide.  The different resin mixtures is to provide cascading densities where the medium density stimulates the higher density to ramp up its output.

Cascading densities works in the bigger ones so I figured, what the hell.

As soon as they came out of the molds I could tell these things were far from ordinary orgonite.  Both put out a very noticeable vibration buzz you can feel.  Clearly, the energy is concentrated at the cone peaks and feels more electric and alive than any non-powered unit previously made.  The larger one puts out slightly more energy but the energy signature is identical.  All in all, I'm impressed.

I wonder why I never considered this combination of shapes before.  After playing with this concept, I realize I overlooked a design aspect that should have been obvious.  Using the edge to direct the energy in a natural way brings better results than ignoring or obliterating the edge, and assume this stuff is releasing energy in the direction you expect it to go...  which is straight up like smoke coming out of a chimney.

A few thoughts... Will I get the same effect if I machine an edge in a location of my choosing?  Are round edges better than straight ones?  Will stacking them multiply the output?  What about a mobius?   

One thing I learned from years of working with this stuff is sometimes the laws of physics are replaced with guidelines of alchemy and things seldom work out the way you expect.  What should work sometimes doesn't and then a small change can have dramatic, unexpected results.  The idea that combining quartz and aluminum, the most abundant elements on the planet, can produce a substance so beneficial to humanity and can be made by anyone at little to no cost is nothing short of amazing.  Best of all, it's free!

Did someone say pyramid?

I'm on it.


Saturday, May 05, 2012

almost 5 months

I'm ashamed to admit I haven't made any orgonite since last December.  I had all kinds of excuses like it's too cold, not enough time, other projects on the burner, etc.  Truth be told, I felt I had some learning to do before I jump into making better orgonite using the same formulas and theories as before.  I was feeling like Sonny Rollins before he took his sax to the bridge.  Something was missing and I spend the last five months thinking about it.  Of course, I didn't spend all my time thinking about making better orgonite like some Michael Medved pondering the significance of cinema, but it was always in the back of my mind as I was working on colloidal silver and distillation theory.

I always knew the shape of orgonite was just as important as what it was made of, but it was OrgoniteAustin who suggested it was the edges and points that let the energy leak out like opening the barn door.
You see, orgone energy loves smooth bends and spirals but it's the bottom edge of the orgonite that releases the energy as much as the sharp point at the top.  This explains why a pyramid generates such a laser-like blast of energy out the top.  It seems the 51 degree slope of the great pyramid is the perfect shape for energy to emerge and travel up the edges to concentrate at the apex.

I wondered if an edge in orgonite would really make that much difference and decided to make a few pieces and see for myself.

Three objects, all made from the same material, different shapes.  Synthetic iron oxide and powdered aluminum in a 3/2 ratio with equal volumes of quartz sand and resin make these very dense and heavy.  The one on the left is edgeless with a round bottom and rounded cone.  The one on the right has rounded cones top and bottom with a sharp center edge.  The one in the center has a round bottom, smaller cone and razor sharp edge and looks like a Mexican hat.  Perfect for Cinco de Mayo.

As I was relaxing on the deck with my cerveza in one hand and the Mexican hat in the other, I felt a distinctive tingling beginning with my thumb and fingers.  A second later I could feel this tingle travel all the way up my arm.  It was a pleasant vibratey feeling and, knowing the tingle came from my non-cerveza, orgonite holding hand,  I realized this is some seriously kick ass orgonite. 

I did the same experiment with the other pieces but nothing came close to the vibratey tingle I got from this Mexican hat.  The energy seems to be concentrated at the hat peak and no matter how you hold this thing you can feel that tingle strongest at the top of the hat.  
What's more impressive is the fact that this piece is one third the mass of the other two with ten times the energy level.

It's definitely the shape, and as OrgoniteAustin pointed out, the edge puts out the most power.  So, why is the peak concentrating the energy, you say?

Damned if I know, except maybe the round bottom acts as a parabolic dish directing the energy away from it.  It might be that edges are exits and round contains and the cone simply guides the energy to the peak.

And to think I was going to recast this because I didn't like the look of it.

So much for aesthetics.


Friday, May 04, 2012

stocking up

The department of homeland security recently purchased 450 million rounds of .40 caliber hollow point ammunition.   That's roughly a bullet and a half for every US citizen.  That's a LOT of ammo.  Considering homeland security is designed to operate solely within US borders, it stands to reason this ammo is intended to be used on the general population.  The combined total of firearm ammo used during the gulf war was only 6.5 million, which makes 450 million rounds of hollow point ammo to be used only in the good ol' USA a concept that's hard to wrap your mind around.

It's not just homeland security buying ammo.  In 2009 41 percent of Americans owned guns.  Two years later, that number jumped to 47 percent and the numbers are climbing.  Even with Walmart's inflated ammo prices, ammunition is flying off the shelves faster than it can be restocked and gun manufacturers have a six month waiting list for some models.  The vast majority of American gun owners realize the biggest threat to their way of life won't be from foreign invaders but their own government in an attempt to beat them to their guns, so they stockpile more, just in case.  DHS, as well as every other agency on the planet, can see Americans are arming themselves to the teeth.  As Ash said in Army of Darkness, "Good.  Bad.  I'm the one with the gun."

It's not just guns and ammo that's selling like hotcakes.  MREs, freeze dried foods, water purification systems, non-GMO seeds, canned goods, rice, potassium iodide, geiger counters, gas masks, and everything else humans consider essential for survival are being bought and stocked in record numbers by individuals and governments alike.

Why?  Is it because government leaders and the smart guys running the show know more than the common Joe?

Here's some food for thought.

Zibigniew Brzezinski once said at a Trilateral meeting, "It used to be easier to control a million people than to kill a million people but today it's easier to kill a million people than it is to control a million people."  Henry Kissinger once said we have way too many people on our planet for Earth's limited resources and suggested we cull the herd by two to three billion people.

Is Walmart still open?