Wednesday, September 17, 2014

got disease?

The last time I made colloidal silver was when I traded some for a haircut a few months ago.  I'll make a pint at a time, half goes to Tammy, who shares it with people she knows, and the other half is divided up for me and a few other people who I supply.  There's no reason I shouldn't make more than a pint every now and then to stock up but I figure I can make it on the fly when needed.  I've been slacking off making this stuff but today I have the time, inclination, and need to make a batch.

There must be hundreds of devices on the market designed to make colloidal silver and many more people just sell it to folks who don't want to make their own, at a cost just under the spot price for silver.  When you cut through all the fancy hardware on every kit on the market, it comes down to 9 volts DC going through two silver rods in distilled water.  The electrolytic action brings out nano particles of silver into the water.  Crude, simple, and effective.

I decided to increase the PPM in this new batch by adding a couple drops of a saline solution made with Himalayan salt and distilled water.  Distilled water has very little conductivity and the saline solution should shorten the time making it as well as increase it's potency.  The difference is dramatic, producing the same potency in one third the time.

If you don't know about colloidal silver, you should.  Since ancient times, silver has been used as an antimicrobial to preserve food and fight infection.  Before refrigeration it was common practice to drop a silver dollar in milk to keep it fresh.  In the early 20th century, allopathic medicine monopolized all medicine practice, favoring synthetic pharmaceuticals over the time tested natural cures.  Antibiotics began to lose favor as various organisms became antibiotic resistant, and silver products in the form of liquid particle suspensions began to emerge.

During the 80's Syracuse University and UCLA School of Medicine began lab testing colloidal silver and found it to be highly effective against bacteria, viruses, and fungal infections, even those that were antibiotic resistant.  One such antibiotic resistant bacteria, MRSA, began to plague hospitals, causing serious infections in patients that resulted in long term hospitalization or death.  Hospitals began using silver coated surgical and catheter medical instruments as well as silver ointments and dressings to prevent MRSA infections.  As hospitals are enjoying the reduction of malpractice suits as a direct result of using silver as the only method of fighting hospital born bacteria, they still officially claim the use of colloidal silver has absolutely no benefit.  Independent research using a protocol consisting of MSM, DMSO, and colloidal silver was found to have a far superior success rate at naturally reversing cancer than the traditional allopathic methods of cutting, burning, and poisoning the patient.       

Of course, the Mayo Clinic has nothing positive to say about colloidal silver except for the standard disinfo about turning blue if you use it.  I'd expect so much from this premier allopathic gatekeeper.  I'll bet they take turns rectally inserting each other with gerbils tied to silver catheters.
My own experience with colloidal silver is nothing short of amazing.  Topically, it'll start the healing process on cuts, scrapes, and road rash within minutes of the first application.  Taken internally, it appears to create a second immune system to fight off infections before they get a foothold.  Use of an atomizer to direct colloidal silver into the lungs has reversed bronchitis, at least as well as antibiotics, without the side effects.  It seems nothing negative to your system can survive in a colloidal silver solution.
It's not a cure-all.  It won't get rid of my tennis elbow but it's damn good at preventing the flu and getting rid of a cold and about 650 a shitload of viral and bacteriological problems antibiotics can't touch.  To put it simply, it does this by permeating the bacteria or virus and attacking it's ability to reproduce, leaving a neutered cell with a very short lifespan.
You may have noticed a tremendous increase in health problems recently.  Types of cancer that were once rare are almost commonplace.  Salmonella, which was always in our food supply, has now become a major problem, not because there is more of it but because our weaker immune systems don't function like they should.  Morgellons disease appeared shortly after aerosol spraying began, indicating chemtrails are the cause with tons of independent research to back it up.  Don't get me started on lupus, H1N1, HIV, AIDS, and tons of other diseases that escaped the government labs.  Virology and oncology are up, human life expectancy is down.  But CDC researchers weren't able to determine if Morgellons disease is a new disorder or simply another name for delusional parasitosis.
Ebola has been in the news lately.  There's never been a case of ebola in North America until we imported it in a few months ago in hopes of producing a vaccine to save lives.  Our scientific community has a less than stellar track record for containing infectious diseases and you can bet the farm ebola is in the process of becoming weaponized as we speak.
I can't think of a better reason to stock up on colloidal silver.
Can you?               


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