Tuesday, September 05, 2017

orgonite irma

Looks like Irma just got to cat 5 stage and it's going to make a mess out of things.  Hitting Florida is no big deal.  It's like Florida is designed for hurricanes but farther north, it isn't.  All those mountains funnel the rain into the valleys where towns are located, magnifying the destruction.  New York City and New Jersey... That's a different scenario altogether.  Remember Sandy?  This one coming is way lots bigger.

That's why I thought it would be a good idea to fire up the mofo and see if a good intention could steer Irma away from populated areas.

 Inside the mofo is a modified orgone accumulator cone with a 3" double terminated citrine crystal in the pipe.  The pyramid is made of copper rods a half sacred cubit in length with a tensor generator in the PVC, toped with a half sacred cubit tensor ring.  The frequency is set at 432Hz., square wave.

No amplification on this device but it's still putting out a nice energy.  We'll see how it goes and switch frequencies to 8Hz if I don't see anything dramatic in the next few days.

The intent is for Irma to go back to where it came from and fizzle out.

I'll be keeping an eye on this one.   


Anonymous said...

Hi and looks great your device!
On a side note on organites: regarding weird metal towers recently built in NYC somebody asked psychic Lynn:

"Q. You will probably want to look at this. Very mysterious indeed!
A. When I tune into this, I instantly get these are a tool used for defense against terrorism. Specifically, they feel to be some type of EMP / EMF deflector / blaster (I hear it works like a gigantic piece of organite). With the global unpredictability of Russia, China and now North Korea, certain measures are being taken to protect the US assets. Current weather warfare and HAARP attacks can leave the most defended areas weak, and these towers are being used to mitigate that risk. This isn't being shared broadly over media because they don't want to create chaos, answer questions or let the enemy know the level of preparedness that is occurring.

karmasurfer said...

I can't help thinking that US scientists have finally found a way to deploy their greatest big brother concept ever. A total facial/audio recognition program with a line of sight range to detect anything programmed into it. Port Authority will have complete control as to who goes where through emotional mind readings. It's a method of containing and segregating unwanteds. But I could be wrong.