Monday, September 11, 2017

fighting irma

When I saw Irma had begun to quickly dissipate after trashing Florida, I wondered how many other people were training their cloudbusters, sky cleaners, and radionic devices on this storm in order to neutralize it.  I can name three in Florida alone. 

As I mentioned earlier, Florida is designed to handle weather like this but states farther north aren't.  My intention was to disintegrate Irma before she turned the eastern seaboard into Houston.

I figured a little extra might be needed so I set the PVC CB to south south-west.  This was around noon.  By 6 pm I saw some interesting changes to the rain mass as it headed north.

The screenshot to the left shows what's left of Irma as it approaches Pennsylvania.  Note how the storm seems to go around Harrisburg as it heads north east.

I've seen this pattern before when hurricane Sandy stopped by for a visit and did an end run around this area and hit NYC.
That valley in the storm is in a direct line where my PVC CB is pointed from my Poconos perch.  I expect we won't get any more than a gentle rain, if anything at all.
Coincidence?  If it happened once or twice I might agree but this sort of interference happens every time I fire up the PVC CB.  I think that kind of average goes along with repeating the experiment with positive conclusions. 

Just like Sandy, Harvey, and Katrina, Irma was a man made storm.  The US government has hundreds of patents on controlling the weather, not to make life more pleasant but to weaponize the weather to lay waste to areas on the globe that annoy the powers that be, using plausible deniability as their defense.    

What makes you think the government can't or won't control the weather just to mix things up a bit?  I do and I don't know near as much as those guys.  Only I won't flatten a state just for shits and grins.

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