Friday, January 19, 2018

spooky2 update.

Just an update on the spooky2 mofo experiment.  The first day I ran this I felt like I was getting the flu.  Stomach upset, too hot and then too cold, a general feeling of being out of sorts.  Ya know... feeling sick.  I discussed this with Tammy and as I stared off into space, trying to formulate an answer, she  answered my formulation by saying, "Ya figured it out", meaning I put the pieces together as to why I felt like shit.  It was because the mofo hooked up to the spooky2  was detoxing me faster than my body could handle and the flu-like symptoms were a byproduct of that.
As the parasites were being destroyed, my internal systems were unable to cope with the flushing out of the dead parasite corpses and sickness set in.  Since it was pseudo sickness, my mind was able to over-ride it.

I'm feeling better now that I know the reason for my illness.

One of the reasons I hooked up spooky2 to the mofo was to get a rapid response.  I got that in spades.     

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