Monday, July 25, 2011

some more modifications

After building the field generator to fit an existing cloudbuster with a 4" stainless steel pipe and seeing how well it worked, I thought another improvement to the pvc cb was the next logical step.

About the same time I came across a guy in Texas, by the name of OrgoniteAustin, who has been working on some interesting ideas. One of which is a copper pipe, 24" long, filled with insulated orgonite, that has an interesting power effect when pointed towards a crystal.

You know I had to build one.  It worked great for a passive unit so putting one in the pvc cb was a no brainer.  I cast a bottom connector to fit a 2" pvc pipe to house the copper pipe and ran it through the top connector to line up perfectly through the center of the unit.  The crystal at the end of the copper pipe was the finishing touch to make it work.  the 4" steel pipe did an outstanding job on earlier tests, so with the help of a 3" pvc coupler I was able to replace the shellacked 2" exhaust pipe with a 4 foot section of 4" stovepipe.  The result was rain, after running for two days.

You might be saying, so what.  We've had rain before and we'll have rain again and it's just coincidental that rain came when you ran your device.  Whatever...  All I know is the rain experiments I made were only when no chance of rain was part of the forecast and it rained anyhow.

To be honest, I agree.  Maybe it's just coincidence and I lucked out each time I ran these experiments.  But if I was compelled to set up these systems to make rain or clear skies at a time when rain or clear skies were supposed to happen, it stands to reason that it's not my weather control skills but my ESP, or at the very least, a heightened clairvoyance that guided me to set up the equipment for this particular experiment at this particular time.

Is it ESP or scalar energy?

Anyone for Atlantic City?


Sue said...

Honey either way all i know is we haven't had rain in weeks you set the new version up and we get rain.Not just a shower it pour..Something to the new one. On the right track.

Kathy Garolsky said...

Good post here.Thanks for sharing this info.