Saturday, September 24, 2005

Did we win the war on terror?

Every now and then the war on porn rears its ugly head. Ed Meese was the last big official to champion this crusade under Ronnie Reagan. Now, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is enlisting the FBI to form a porn squad.
I find it fascinating that Ron and G Dubya are the only presidents righteous enough to go after the porn industry for the sake of "Christian values."
Comparing these two giants of morality, you'll find some interesting similarities. Both had ranches before and during their presidency which served as great backgrounds for their down-home photo ops. Both wore military uniforms during wartime but never fought. Both men are honored and loved for their razor sharp economic theories. Both men made vast amounts of money for the government, thanks to their respective vice presidents utilizing the CIA to wheel and deal with drug lords around the world for cocaine and heroin which they sold to the American people and then arrested them, seized their assets and resold them to buy more cop equipment and forced them to pay for their stay in prison, rehabs, and countless other expenditures to keep them in the system so they can have an ever increasing source of revenue.

Well, the war on drugs was a success. So was the war on terror. With a track record like that it seems absolutely normal to have a war on porn for the sake of "Christian values", even though the government is eliminating Christianity from the American system.

What's with that pledge of allegiance thing?

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Daniel Levesque said...

Interesting posting. I've never anyone actually claim that we won the war on drugs before.